What’s behind the fees for inspection bill? NewsChannel 5+ Open Line discussion

Open Line 1WTVF NewsChannel5+ hosted a discussion last week on the recent public hearings and issues around the fees for inspection  proposal. (Background here.) I represented Tennessee Coalition for Open Government, and Lee Harrell, director of government relations for the Tennessee School Boards Association, spoke about his group’s initiation of the bill and what led to it.

NewsChannel5 veteran reporter Ben Hall moderated the discussion and call-in questions from viewers. The four parts of the video are available for viewing on the NewsChannel5+ Open Line web page.

Here are links to the 4 video segments, each about 10 minutes.

Video 1 – How did the legislation come up, and what’s the impact?

Video 2 –  Concern is that fees will shut down access; Schools complain of frivolous requests

Video 3 – Are school boards transparent? The Sumner County lawsuit & more on the public hearings

Video 4 – Large fees for copies. Will the same happen if charges are allowed for inspection? What’s next on the study?



What do you think?