Volunteer for statewide audit


Tennessee Coalition for Open Government is conducting a statewide audit of public records policies. We are seeking volunteers who would be willing to review policies. Last year, the Legislature passed a new law requiring all government entities in the state to establish a written public records policy adopted by the appropriate governing authority by July 1, 2017. The new law states that the public records policy shall not impose requirements on those requesting records that are more burdensome than state law. This audit will document the contents of public records policies in key areas, measuring them against compliance with the law and testing them for the presence of rules that may unreasonably hinder or delay prompt access to public records. Our goal is to identify ways in which policies and practices could be improved to allow citizens prompt and efficient access to public records. The audit will take place between October 2017 and December 2017.
  • Include the name of your organization above, if affiliated, such as the name of your nonprofit organization, neighborhood group, etc. If volunteering as an individual citizen not affiliated with a group, just write Individual.
    We will send you a signup list and you will be able to choose which city, county or school district on the list that you will audit. We have separate signup lists for cities, counties and school districts. You are welcome to sign up on all three lists if you wish. We are asking that volunteers sign up to audit at least three policies, but if you can only audit one, we still welcome your help and participation.