Capitol Hill Press Corps asks for Haslam speech schedule

From the Associated Press regarding Haslam speech schedule:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Tennessee Capitol Hill Press Corps is asking Gov. Bill Haslam to let them know when he is going to make a speech.

A letter emailed to Haslam’s office on Friday said reporters were aware of at least five events in the previous month that were not listed on Haslam’s public schedule. They include speeches to the Tennessee Medical Association and the Tennessee Municipal League.

In a response sent Monday, Haslam Director of Communications Alexia Poe said the governor had been available to Tennessee media on 32 of the 68 business days in 2014. She said the governor’s office follows the lead of the groups that invite Haslam to speak on whether to allow media.

That is a change from Gov. Phil Bredesen, who allowed media to attend all speeches.

capitol hill press corp letter

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