Listen to TCOG on the Grand Divisions podcast with Rep. Jason Zachary

This week, I was interviewed along with state Rep. Jason Zachary, R-Knoxville, on the Grand Divisions podcast about open government legislation.

We primarily talked about a bill that will require a review of all existing 560-plus exemptions to the Tennessee Public Records Act.

Zachary was the co-chair of an ad hoc joint committee, appointed by Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and then-House Speaker Beth Harwell, to consider the growing list of exemptions to the Tennessee Public Records Act for those that need to be eliminated, tweaked, re-examined.

Follow this link to hear the podcast:

The Grand Divisions podcast is great for anyone interested in state politics. I’ve been listening since last year. The episode prior to ours was with state Rep. William Lamberth talking about criminal justice reform.

Hosting us were Tennessean reporters Joel Elbert and Natalie Allison.


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