Open Records Request Form

The Office of Open Records Counsel, a state agency that provides guidelines to governmental entities in Tennessee on the open records request process, has developed an Open Records Request Form.

While the law does not require that you use this form (you can write a letter, if you prefer), it is a fairly simple one-page form that covers all the bases. You can print it and mail it to a records custodian, or save your filled-out form as a PDF and email it.

Open Records Request Form.

Along with creating a sample form, the Office of Open Records Counsel established Best Practices for entities to follow when responding to a request. These can be  helpful to the requestor in understanding what to expect in the process:  View Best Practices and Guidelines.

Each governmental entity is to put its public records policy, or a link to it, on the homepage of its website, if it has one. The name of the public request coordinator should also be available online. To view the state’s model public records policy and rules, click  here.



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