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Some of our TCOG Board members at the January 2016 board meeting in Nashville.

We invite you to get involved!

The Tennessee Coalition for Open Government is a nonpartisan alliance of individual citizens, journalists, media organizations, lawyers and civic groups who support freedom of information and open government in Tennessee. Since 2003, we have provided education, training, advocacy and support regarding our public records and open meetings laws. We track legislation and litigation that could impact access to public records and meetings in Tennessee, as well as periodically conduct research.

Our mission and our programs rest on the belief that access to information about our local and state governments in Tennessee is critical to a democracy where citizens can engage and participate with information and knowledge.

Here’s how you can get help:

  • Become a member! These membership dues support our programs and allow us to continue to do our work. You can join for as little as $35.
  • Sign up for our email news updates. We won’t spam you, I promise. We email out news updates, averaging about four or five a month. If you REALLY want to keep in touch,  go to our home page and sign up to receive an email every time we do a blog post.
  • Like our page on Facebook, and share our news with your networks. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Host a civic presentation or workshop, or attend one. We want people to understand what open government means in Tennessee, the threats to transparency, and how they can make a difference in their community.
  • Let us help you. If you’ve got an issue in your community with public records or public meetings, take advantage of our Help Line. We want to help and know what’s going on out there. Transparency is our goal.
  • Download for free, or buy a copy of our Keys to Open Government booklet, and learn about citizen rights under the Tennessee Public Records Act and Tennessee Open Meetings Act.

Who is TCOG? Read news about our nonprofit organization, or visit our History page and Services page to find out more.


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